Women’s Health

The therapeutic area of Women’s Health, the company’s founding area, now comprises a portfolio of more than 12 pharmaceutical products. We work side by side with experts and Key Opinion Leaders from the gynecology & obstetrics specialty in providing the latest scientific evidence.

We work in areas of importance for clinical and scientific practice focused on women, using the latest biostatistical information to provide the best solution for the needs of pregnant women, for women who intend to, or not, to become pregnant, for women who are already in the menopausal phase, or for women who have polycystic ovary syndrome or who suffer recurrent with urinary infections.

One of the main innovations we make available is aligned with the latest scientific evidence for fertility, pregnancy and menopause. The Quatrefolicâ comprises the fourth generation of biologically available folate (folic acid), which has a proven absorption more effective than the common folic acid and at the recommended daily dose, which is particularly important in the context of fertility and pregnancy, in which it is sought to improve the reproductive capacity of the woman and an effective prevention of the development of congenital abnormalities in the fetus during pregnancy. As for its use in menopause, its benefits in the cognitive and cardiovascular context are described in the latest scientific evidence. Our goal is to provide solutions that effectively improve the quality of life of women. In the development of our products, we not only bet on the high quality but also take into account the convenience of people in order to facilitate adherence to therapy, using products that are easy to take and, whenever possible, in a single daily dose.

We focus on developing solutions for contraception, pregnancy, fertility, menopause, anemia, physical condition, urinary infections and polycystic ovary syndrome.