I want to get pregnant! What’s next?

I want to get pregnant! What’s next?

The arrival of a baby is a unique and long-awaited moment for a family. There is a lot of talk about the care needed during pregnancy and after childbirth. And before you got pregnant? Is there any kind of care that can contribute to the success of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child?

Promoting health in the preconception period is a way to contribute to the success of pregnancy, since many of the factors that negatively affect the future of a pregnancy can be found, modified or eliminated, before the woman becomes pregnant.

Pre-conceptional assessment and counselling are therefore an increasingly important aspect of prenatal care. For this, when the desire to become pregnant arises, it is recommended that this follow-up be started at least 3 months before conception.

In the pre-conception consultation, carried out by your family doctor or obstetrician, an overall assessment of the future mother’s health is carried out. The clinical history, physical examination and some complementary tests help in the recognition of conditions that may attribute an increased risk to pregnancy.

This consultation also allows the couple to know and develop a bond with the doctor who will accompany the pregnancy. Therefore, it is important that all doubts are clarified and that an open channel of communication between doctor and patient is maintained for a healthy and peaceful pregnancy.

Thus, the main objectives of this consultation are:

– Promotion of a healthy lifestyle, with dietary and physical activity guidelines for nutritional and weight adequacy, if necessary;

– Adoption of healthier habits such as smoking cessation and alcohol consumption;

Update of the national vaccination program; if not immunized, vaccination should be carried out for hepatitis B or rubella, among others;

initiation of vitamin supplementation compatible with the needs of each patient, namely folic acid and potassium iodide, at least 3 months prior to conception;

– General assessment of women’s health, with various screenings, including haemoglobin screening, rubella and hepatitis B immunity, infectious screening and cervical cancer screening, if indicated;

Diagnosis of diseases, or identification of unknown risk factors;

GestaCare Preconceptivo

Control of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, epilepsy, depression, among others, with dose adjustment or even change to a drug considered safe in pregnancy. It should also be evaluated the presence of complications associated with each disease and if necessary made encaminhamento for other medical specialties;

A common doubt during the consultation concerns how long the patient will take to become pregnant. Although this uncertainty is absolutely understandable and natural, it is necessary that couples understand that the design process is not always as simple as it seems, because there are several factors that can interfere in this process. The fundamental recommendation is to stay calm. Estimates indicate that only 20% of healthy and fertile couples become pregnant naturally in the first month, i.e. it is normal and expected that the design is not immediate. However, if the couple is unable to become pregnant after 12 months of unprotected sexual intercourse, they should seek medical help.

In short, the essential sit-free pregnancy is good lifestyle habits, control of risk factors and regular follow-up from pre-conception, because the first proof of love is to plan the baby’s arrival, so that the pregnancy is as healthy as possible!

Dra. Daniela Pereira
Ginecologia e Obstetrícia

The scientific content reproduced here was developed by the health professional mentioned.

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Several clinical studies recommend the use of Ginger for nausea and vomiting in the context of pregnancy, as an alternative to known drug options. GestaCare offers NauseaStop®, a source of ginger developed specifically for nausea and vomiting in pregnancy.

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