It is essential to take the Minipill in the breastfeeding period!

It is essential to take the Minipill in the breastfeeding period!

We know that breastfeeding is a very special moment between mother and child and that it must be lived in its fullness.

In this postnatal period, one of the most important care to be taken into account is postpartum contraception. Living this moment without unforeseen events, focusing on the health of your baby, is possible.

Breastfeeding: living the moment in its fullness

Fertility can be restored quickly after childbirth and the requirements to care for a small baby may lead to increased difficulties in the use of effective methods of contraception.

However, whether or not the mother is breastfeeding, postpartum contraception should be initiated as early as possible to avoid an unwanted pregnancy or a short interval between pregnancies, as birth spacing has shown health benefits for women and future babies.

Amamentar Desogestrel Minipop

What is the recommended method of contraception?

Oral pills with progesterone-like progesterone (“POP” – Progestative Only Pill) are the contraceptives of choice at all stages of breastfeeding, once lactation is fully established.

Estrogen-free pills also known as “minipills” or breastfeeding pills contain very low doses of a progestin similar to the natural hormone in a woman’s body, progesterone. Prevents pregnancy by thickening of cervical mucus and interruption of ovulation.

You can start taking the minipill between the 21st and 28th days after the birth of your baby!

The Importance of Minipill in Breastfeeding

The minipill is indicated in the period of breastfeeding, since it does not affect breast milk. Several clinical studies indicate that “POP” when initiated after the postpartum period do not have any adverse effect on breastfeeding.

In addition, studies also show that recent mothers who use this method of contraception are better able to achieve their breastfeeding goals for at least four months.

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