ClimaCare Menopausa – 3 units

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ClimaCare Menopause – What Is It?

Menopause is the period characterized by loss of ovarian activity, hormonal disorders with decreased progesterone and reduced estrogen secretion.

The climacteric corresponds to the transition between the reproductive phase, with regular functioning of the menstrual cycle, to its absolute term. Menopause is a true biomarker of the transition from full reproductive capacity to ovary senescence.

This period is seen as a very important milestone in women’s lives and is a period of physiological, personal and social transition.

ClimaCare Menopausa is a natural and safe food supplement, intended for all women who wish to preserve their femininity during menopause and climacteric without resorting to hormones, even if of plant origin. ClimaCare does not have a hormonal composition, has no synthetic hormones and is free of soy isoflavones.

ClimaCare Menopausa accompanies the natural process of evolution, proposing an exclusive response without any source of hormones. Thus, ClimaCare Menopause does not interfere with the natural physiology of women.

It has a source of efficient, highly tolerated and risk-free assets. It is the first, safest and most complete natural solution adapted to all women. It contains active ingredients, bringing you a high-tech formula derived from long-standing scientific research.

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